Birmingham's world-famous cat back on beloved allotments after surgery

Robert is back safe home
Robert is finally back where he belongs Credit: Twitter/@AllotmentCat

Birmingham's most-famous allotment cat is finally back on his favourite Perry Barr greens after having surgery.

Hundreds of people from around the world came together to pay the medical bill for Robert, who spearheaded a campaign to save Walsall Road allotments in 2019. He was taken to the vet last month, with two ulcers in his eye.

He had a corneal graft operation, and had been recovering in Kate Millington's spare room - one of the plot holders at the allotments where he usually lives.

His allotment exploits are followed by thousands on Twitter. And his close friend Betty Farruggia, who takes most of the pictures for his feed, described the support Robert has received as 'incredible'. This is the moment below when he finally returned to his beloved allotments after recovering from his eye surgery.

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