Nottingham residents get Christmas Day cash surprise for second year - but who is behind it ?

The envelope containing cash
The cash envelope Credit: BPM Media

For the second year in a row, residents in one part of Nottingham have woken to a lovely surprise - envelopes containing £100 posted through their doors for Christmas.

Letters were again labelled with "R.A.K", meaning it was a "random act of kindness" for the people in Clifton.

Emma Phelps, a mother of five, was at home on Thursday 23rd December when she received the festive surprise.She said: "When I saw the letter I had no idea what it was at all. It shows that there are lovely people in the world. We had a bad week because my son's bike was stolen on December 17th in the early hours of the morning.

"He's 14 years old and he uses the bike to get to school and back so he was heartbroken. It's definitely going towards replacing my son's bike and he's going to really appreciate it.

Ms Phelps continued: "It has restored my faith in humanity, definitely, I was very shocked to be honest when it came through the letterbox, I wouldn't know what to say if I saw this person, apart from saying 'thank you' to them and that's its a lovely thing to do".Last year's surprise gifts were posted through doors on Christmas Eve.

Cash in the envelopes Credit: BPM Media

Charlie Jones, a care home assistant from Clifton, was new to the area, and didn't know Clifton had such a generous mystery gifter. She said: "Because I’m fairly new to Clifton I’d never heard about it so I was very confused even to see the envelope and at first not knowing what 'R.A.K' stood for. But when I realised what it meant, and what was inside, I was so shocked, speechless.

"I then spoke to some people from Clifton that I knew and they said it’s a yearly thing someone does as a random act of kindness.

Ms Jones added: "I was so taken aback that someone could go out of their way to do something so selfless. It’s been such a tough two years for everyone with Covid and with everything negative you hear on the news about the world. It was so amazing to know there are still good people out there and just for a minute I could forget about all the negatives and just focus on the positive in that moment".

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