Vulnerable families in Walsall receive Christmas surprise from volunteers

Credit: BMR Visuals

Volunteers in Walsall are using their spare time during the festive season to deliver food parcels and hot meals to vulnerable families.

This Christmas, people from Walsall Outreach got together to serve those who were spending Christmas alone or weren't able to afford to celebrate in the way people usually do.

Hot Christmas meals were cooked early on Christmas day by Walsall volunteers. Credit: BMR Visuals

They identified 35 families in the local area and spent Christmas morning preparing Christmas dinners, deserts and hampers for them.

The parcels were then delivered to those in need across the borough.

Volunteers packed and delivered 35 hot meals and food parcels across the borough. Credit: BMR Visuals

The Project Lead for Walsall Outreach, Nadeem, said they saw an elderly lady who was planning to have half a tin of rice pudding for her Christmas lunch before the team of volunteers intervened.

Many volunteers for the Project have been providing hot meals and support to people in Walsall for over 9 years.

Nadeem said: "I’ve said it before but the people in this group who have gone to great lengths and effort to make today, the days over Christmas and each and every day over the past 9 years a little more bearable and special for those alone or in need are the absolute salt of the earth and the real heroes in our society."

Some volunteers have been helping vulnerable families in Walsall over 9 years. Credit: BMR Visuals

And the recipients of the generous food parcels said they're grateful for the Christmas donation.

One messaged the team and said: "the meal and huge present are very beautiful. I’m so touched."

The group have also been busy preparing meals today on Boxing Day, with Chicken Schnitzel on the menu and Toad in the hole on Monday.

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