Can you help this grandmother from Nottingham track down her long lost sister?

  • Daniel Skipp reports

A Grandmother from the Midlands says she's hoping for a belated-Christmas miracle - to find her long lost sister. 

Pat Blythe from Nottingham - who grew up in the Midlands was separated from her sister at birth 70 years ago when they were both adopted by different families.

Pat says she's hoping to be reunited with her - harnessing the power of social media.

She's been appealing directly to her sister.

"If you are watching this, I'd love to meet up with you. It would make me so happy and fulfill my life. It would mean everything.

"We'd be sisters that have never met. We deserve to meet each other. We deserve to meet each other's families." Her daughter Kerrie, has been helping her in the challenge but says it's not been an easy task.

The search started over 7 months ago when the family saw a post on the social media site, Reddit which seemed to be from Sheila's daughter who was trying to find Pat.

But there was no contact information and the site were unable to put them in touch.

"I came across a post on Reddit from Sheila's daughter saying that she was looking for relatives or siblings of her mum - she was adopted in 1951.

"She was from Nottingham. She mentions her father's name. Says he owns a garage - which is true because these are things my mum has told me."

Pat and her family managed to find Shelia's birth certificate by contacting a Register Office, which confirms they both had the same mother. 

They're hoping that by sharing their story with ITV News Central, they might be able to track down Sheila.