Man who suffers from OCD feels 'isolated and helpless' in home with no plaster on the walls

A man from Nottingham has said he is being forced to live in hoodies and coats in his council home due to the poor condition of his home.

Michael Pearce told ITV Central he has been told by Nottingham City Homes they are unable to send a plasterer round for weeks, which means he is living with water damage and no plaster on the walls - with no help.

The tenant has OCD and says his living situation, in a flat above the Victoria Shopping Centre, is making him feel low and isolated.

Mr Pearce said: "I've been living in my flat for 21 years, and a slow leak has been happening for 12 years or so."

"Last year I called for repairs in October, but didn't get an inspector round until November.

"Then on 6th December 2021, they took the plaster off the walls. I've been living like this ever since, during the coldest months of the year."

Credit: ITV News Central

By day, Mr Pearce is a carer for his mum. He says now when he has finished long hours helping her, he comes back to the and cold flat feeling very low.

"I feel let down. After calling and calling, it feels like no one wants to help me."

Suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) means Mr Pearce is a 'perfectionist', and feels very uncomfortable with all the damp and the mess from unfinished repairs.

He said: "I feel anxious in my own home."

Since ITV News Central filmed with Michael, Nottingham City Homes has told him they will be fixing the problem within weeks.

A spokesperson from Nottingham City Homes responded: “We have been supporting Mr Pearce since we repaired a leak in his flat in November.

"Due to the damage caused by the leak, the flat needs re-plastering, and having agreed with Mr Pearce that the work would be done in January, we’re planning to carry out the works on Saturday.

 “Mr Pearce has a fully working heating system and a dehumidifier in his flat, and we have found no evidence of damp and mould. Following the concerns he has raised, we are contacting him again to advise him how to use them to make sure he stays warm and well.”