Damp, cold and mould: Inside one young family's Birmingham council flat

ITV News Central Reporter Sarah Kilburn-Wilson hears from a mum who says her son's health has been worsened from their living conditions

A 26-year-old mother from Birmingham says the health of her and her young children is rapidly deteriorating due to the damp and mould growing in her council flat.

Emma Reynolds Kemp lives in the property in Kings Norton, owned and managed by Birmingham City Council, with her two children - eight-year-old Leah and three-year-old Lewis.

She says her son's airway disease has been worsened by the damp, cold and mould in the property, and that it's exacerbated her bone condition.

"My son, Lewis has got Airway Disease, and since we've been in here because of the damp and the cold he's had to go on steroids.

"I've got a bone condition and some days I can't walk and since the damp has got really bad, I'm getting really bad pains in my legs and arms."

Emma has lived in the property for eight months and has been bidding weekly to find alternative council accommodation, but has so far been unsuccessful.

She has been told by Birmingham city council that there is a chronic shortage of housing and there is nowhere currently to relocate her and her family too.

Emma also says Birmingham City Council has now cancelled contractor visits, to see if the damp and mould problem can be repaired, for the third time.

Mould growing in the children's bedroom in the property Credit: ITV News Central

In a statement, Birmingham City Council told ITV News Central: "We are sorry for the problems this tenant has experienced with mould in their flat.

"While we are in the process of moving everyone out of the block as it is due to be demolished in the next couple of years, we remain committed to ensuring all our homes are of an appropriate standard.

"In this circumstance we have organised for a contractor to treat the mould in the property.

"In addition we will continue to work with the tenant to support them in line with our allocation policy, in securing longer-term, appropriate accommodation."