'People in Bordesley Green haven't got a voice': Residents anger as fly-tipping problem continues

Residents in Birmingham are frustrated by constant fly-tipping at a site near their homes. 

Bordesley Green locals claim that a huge pile of waste is coming out of the garden of a commercial property, with items such as mattresses, tree stumps, kitchen sinks and even toilets being allegedly dumped.

They say the problem has been reported to Birmingham City Council numerous times, with the mess remaining.

The Liberal Democrat candidate for the area, Gerry Moynihan, has told ITV News Central that the property is on Birmingham City Council housing land and wants to know why they aren't resolving the issue.

Mr Moynihan explained: "I think its basically historical fact that we no longer have a free service within Birmingham for the removal of domestic waste and rubbish that residents have.

So what we are ending up with is residents who don’t have the funding to pay 25 pounds to get an item removed by the council or don’t have access to transport to take their transport to the local household recycling centre.

They’re forced in one way or another to dump their waste locally."

He continued by explaining he reported the pile to the council over 2 months ago:

"I got a standard reply from them saying we’ll investigate it.

"But it has increased since then because obviously people think there’s a pile of rubbish my additionally sack of rubbish or my bit of carpet won’t make any difference."

Mr Moynihan also explained that in the past local children would use this space to play.

This is no longer possible due to the growing mound of rubbish.

Birmingham City Council have said in a statement: "Fly-tipping harms where we all have to live and work - and is carried out by environmental criminals that have no regard for our neighbourhoods or their well-being.“Put quite simply, we share the concerns of residents and businesses, but the council does not dump waste on the streets. Irresponsible people do.“We know cleaner, greener, streets are a top priority for people in this city and that is why £7.2million extra is being invested into street scene services this year."We investigate incidents and where we have evidence that meets the legal threshold, we do not hesitate to prosecute."Anyone with any information on any fly-tipping in Birmingham should give details via www.birmingham.gov.uk/flytipping