Louis Watkiss death 'avoidable', writes MP calling for indoor ski centre law change

Louis Watkiss died aged 12 in September Credit: PA

The MP for Sutton Coldfield has written to Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries calling for helmets to be made compulsory for children taking part in snow sports.

In a letter to Ms Dorries, the MP Andrew Mitchell wrote that Louis Watkiss' death was "not only tragic, but wholly avoidable."

Louis was 12 years old when he died in an accident at the SnowDome centre in Tamworth in Staffordshire on Friday September 24, 2021.

"Louis's injuries proved fatal because he was not wearing a helmet. The coroner's verdict confirms there is little doubt that a helmet would have saved his life."

"I believe that, in the wake of this tragedy, there may be a case for a change in the law to mandate the wearing of helmets for children at indoor ski events."

"I would be most grateful for your advice on the view the government might take on such an initiative."

In the letter the MP Andrew Mitchell called for mandatory helmets in indoor ski venues Credit: Supplied

Mr Mitchell previously made a speech in the House of Commons on Thursday December 16, 2021 setting out in detail his reasons for the potential law change.

He was watched by Louis' mum and Dad, Natalie and Chris Watkiss, who travelled down to London from Sutton Coldfield to sit in the public gallery and hear the MP put their case forward.

Speaking to ITV Central, Louis's father, Chris, described the Christmas period - the first his family has had since Louis's death - as "extremely painful."

"Putting up the tree, listening to the old Christmas classics, had us both in floods of tears at one point."

"Then his birthday is four days later which was even worse as he would have become a teenager.

"Having wrapped both presents for Christmas and birthday, the actual process of presenting them to an urn and opening them for him was surreal, sad and happy at the same time as we could both picture his face full of happiness with what he had received."

He adds: "As a family our hearts have been ripped in two. Every day is as painful as the last."

"A helmet would have almost certainly saved Louis's life, and it will hopefully stop this from ever happening again."

Mr Watkiss also told ITV Central that he had written to Nadine Dorries, to introduce himself and specify the need for a law change "from a grieving families point of view," but is yet to receive a response.