Mass brawl erupts outside Birmingham shoe store after Nike launch cancelled

Video footage shoes the moment a mass brawl breaks out outside a trainer store in Birmingham city centre

A brawl has broken out in Birmingham city centre as dozens queued to get their hands on new Nike shoes that were being launched.

It happened outside the Size? store in Lower Temple Street in the early hours of Thursday morning (3 February).

The event was on a 'first come first served' basis as the popular store released new sneakers such as the Nike Dunk Low 'Marina Blue' shoe.

The video shows several young men throwing punches and at one point a man falls to the floor and is kicked by others.

Police officers soon arrived the calm the situation down and it is not known if any arrests have been made.In a statement, West Midlands Police said: "A small number of men are understood to have been involved and one suffered minor facial injuries.

"We've taken details of the suspects and they will be voluntary interviewed in due course."

Dozens had queued outside the Size? store in Lower Temple Street from the early hours to get their hands on a new sneaker release. Credit: BPM

In a Instagram post, the shop previously said of the new Nike shoe launch: "We expect everyone to queue safely and sensibly, if we deem it unsafe to open the launch will be withdrawn.

"We ask everyone queue up the street towards Tim Hortons and no one in the doorway to the shop or the launch will be cancelled.

"If this launch goes well we will be able to do more first come first served launches, if your unable to follow the simple instructions from management this won’t be possible and we will revert back to change to purchase post.

"It’s down to you lot to queue properly."

The Size? store has been contacted for comment.