Birmingham Pride organisers thanks community after Facebook page restored following cyber attack

Birmingham Pride
Birmingham Pride 2021 Credit: PA Images

Birmingham Pride has had its Facebook page restored, two days after its organisers told ITV News Central the company appeared unwilling to reinstate it.

The event's organiser Lawrence Barton has thanked "everyone who supported and helped" the page be restored.

In December last year, the page was subject to "a highly coordinated cyber attack", in which hackers took control of it and posted misinformation about upcoming Pride.

The organisers had contacted Facebook about the page, which had over 70,000 likes, but received no response.

Eventually, in what they called a "devastating blow," Birmingham Pride decided to start a new page.

In a statement on Tuesday organisers wrote "We have been going round in circles for TWO months, without success," citing this as a reason to start a new page.

However today (4 February), Facebook announced it would reinstate the original.