Angel Lynn's family says they've endured 'life sentence' following her kidnapping

The family of a woman from Leicestershire who was kidnapped and left with life changing injuries by her boyfriend has told ITV Central they have been given a life sentence.

Angel Lynn, who was 19 at the time, fell out of a van at around 60 miles per hour on the Loughborough-bound carriageway of the A6 on September 17, 2020.

She suffered brain damage and is now unable to communicate, walk or feed herself.

Angel's mother, Nikki Lynn says her family's life has been changed forever.

She told ITV News Central: "Our whole life has changed for the whole family, it's changed dramatically."

Angel Lynn's aunt, Jackie Chamberlain, says her niece will "never have a normal life".

Angel's aunt, Jackie Chamberlain, says her niece's kidnapper deserves a longer sentence.

"It's just not fair, Angel has been in that bed for 17 months now, she'll never walk, she'll never have an ordinary life.

"When you look at those contrasting pictures of Angel of what she looks like now and what she looks like before.

"You can see the dreams and hopes in her eyes in that happy, smiley picture and they've all gone.

"We as a family the whole family, the wider aspect of the family have been given a life sentence."

Chay Bowskill, who is 20-years-old and from Syston in Leicestershire, was jailed for seven and a half years after being convicted of kidnap, coercive and controlling behaviour and perverting the course of justice.

Chay Bowskill was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in custody after being convicted of kidnap Credit: Leicestershire Police/PA

His accomplice, Rocco Sansome, 20, of Birstall, Leicestershire, was also found guilty of kidnap and sentenced to 21 months in prison.

The sentences of Chay Bowskill, and Rocco Sansome have been referred to the Court of Appeal after Solicitor General, Alex Chalk QC, called them 'unduly lenient'.

Ms Lynn said everything her daughter used to enjoy in life has 'all been taken away from her now.'

"She's beautiful, friendly, really outgoing, enjoyed life, she loved going out with her friends, meals."

Angel Lynn's mother, Nikki, speaks to ITV Central, paying tribute to her daughter

She added: "She liked doing a lot of boy things, quadding, paint-balling, things like that, a bit crazy and now it's all been taken away from her now, she can't do any of that, it's taken her whole life away from her."

The kidnap happened after Angel, who was originally lawfully driving the van, collected Bowskill and Sansome.

At some stage she was arguing with Bowskill and got out and walked off along the road, near Hilltop Garage, in Rothley.

CCTV footage shows Bowskill running after her, grabbing her in a bear hug and carrying her back to the transit van that was then driven away by Sansome - shortly before she ended up injured on the A6 near Mountsorrel at 10.45am.