Walleys Quarry: Protestors gather again against 'harmful noxious gases'

The 'Stop the Stink' group have staged another protest against a landfill site in Staffordshire.

They gathered in Newcastle-under-Lyme before marching to the Queen's Gardens on Saturday (February 26) morning.

They said noxious gases coming from Walley's Quarry in Silverdale is causing health complications for families living nearby.

Tom Currie from Stop the Stink says some of the children in area are having nose bleeds and some are now having to use inhalers.

The Environment Agency launched an investigation into alleged illegal waste activities at sites operated by Red Industries Limited.

It came after a period of increased regulation by the Environment Agency at Walleys Quarry Ltd in Newcastle-under-Lyme, where high levels of hydrogen sulphide have been causing issues for local residents.

Walley's Quarry

In response Red Industries, those behind the quarry, say they're committed to working with the community and the Environment Agency to continue to alleviate any concerns - and that any emissions pose no risk to health.

They say they've already taken extensive measures to mitigate any potential impact of the Quarry on local residents.

Including, introducing a new gas management system to reduce the potential for emissions; and undertaking capping works to encase the waste from rainwater and prevent the escape of gases.

They added: “Despite some short-term fluctuations, all emissions remain within World Health Organisation guidelines and pose no risk to health."