First black Birmingham MP Paulette Hamilton describes Erdington by-election victory

Paulette Hamilton joined Sameena Ali-Khan and Steve Clamp in the ITV News Central studio

Labour's Paulette Hamilton has become the first black MP for Birmingham after winning the Erdington by-election last night which came following the sudden death of Labour MP Jack Dromey in January.

In an interview with ITV News Central presenters Sameena Ali-Khan and Steve Clamp, Ms Hamilton has described how she is feeling.

Ms Hamilton said: "The expectation, I've got to really come to terms with the fact that I really did get this, because I'm absolutely shell shocked.

"I'm delighted, I'm humbled, I feel honoured, and I know I'll do a good job, I just know it.

"But I know that I've got big shoes to fill because Jack was really loved in Erdington.

The Erdington by-election last night which came following the sudden death of Labour MP Jack Dromey in January. Credit: PA/ Kirsty O'Connor

"Everywhere you go in Erdington, Castle Vale, and in Kingstanding they would give you a story about Jack, how he touched their lives so I do know I have absolutely massive shoes to fill."

Hamilton, has been a local councillor for more than 17 years and has worked for the NHS for 25 years - rejoining the healthcare frontline during the pandemic to support the vaccine rollout, also described impact her family has had on her career.

After suffering a personal loss during the campaign when her father passed away, Ms Hamilton described the impact this had.

She said: "That's the bit that's a little bit sad, because for years and years and years, my dad's watched me. My mum and dad. They've watched me striving to do one thing or another.

"Always being told 'you're not good enough,' whatever the issue may be and me just fighting against the odds.

She added: "He was special, he was special and even when I got selected and I rang them because we were so excited.

"He said, 'I don't know why you were worried, I told you - you would get it'"

Ms Hamilton continued: "Even though he's not with us, what he's put in me the fight, the battle, the fact that you never give up.

"That will remain with me and I know that when we do bury him, it will be a proud day."

Full interview with the Erdington by-election winner Paulette Hamilton

The turnout for the by-election was 27.01%, according to the deputy returning officer. 17,016 ballots were cast, in an electorate of 62,996.

Of those, Ms Hamilton won with a majority of 3,266 but the by-election failed to inspire voters, with a turnout of just 27%.

She picked up 9,413 votes, ahead of Tory candidate Robert Alden with 6,147.