Woman hugs police officer after being rescued from Sutton Park swamp

Footage has captured the dramatic moment a police officer saved two women after they got stuck in a swamp in Sutton Coldfield.

West Midlands Police released the drone footage showing a police officer rescuing two women who has got stuck in a swampy part of Sutton Park.

The two 23-year-olds, who were visiting Birmingham from Bristol, were lost last Thursday evening as it was getting dark.

Police used a drone and its onboard thermal imaging camera to locate the women after a lengthy search.

The piece of kit was used to locate the two 23-year-old women in the dark.

The video shows the pair wading through a marshy area of Birmingham's Sutton Park as the officer is guided to them by the drone operator.

The footage captured the moment a police officer rescued two stranded women Credit: West Midlands Police

Once the three meet, one of the relieved women is seen embracing the officer with a hug - who then helped them out of the ordeal.

Sergeant Keith Bennett from the force's drones unit said: "They were unfamiliar with the area, stuck in boggy ground and it was pitch black.

"It would have been a scary situation for anyone. They'd been stuck for about 30 minutes and their phone batteries were running low.

"They called a friend who went on to alert us at around 6.20pm.

"Even through the trees our thermal camera and skilled drone operator was able to find the women after a lengthy search over what was a large expanse of ground.

"It was a lovely moment to see one of them giving the officer a hug on the relief of being found."