Fuel prices rocket again as Ukraine conflict pushes up price of gas

Unleaded petrol has also risen, at £1.51 per litre. Credit: ITV

Fuel prices have hit new UK records today, reaching £1.61 per litre of diesel - in part due to the war in Ukraine.

Unleaded petrol has also risen, at £1.51 per litre.

Further rises can be expected, after the UK, along with the US, announced on Tuesday afternoon that it would ban oil imports from Russia.

Paul Cheema, a petrol station owner in Coventry, told ITV News' Good Morning Britain that he hoped to keep costs from hitting customers in the short term, but suggested this might not be sustainable in the long term.

"We're a family owned business here in Coventry," he said

"There's been another hit this week, with the prices gone up. But we can't keep passing that cost on to our consumers, because we're fighting against the supermarkets."

"The cost for the consumer for their tank goes up so much... but how much can we keep taking it in ourselves and hitting our own margin as well?"

"It's very scary times."

The day after Russia invaded Ukraine queues were seen at petrol stations in Derby as motorists filled up their cars against an expected price hike.

The Business Secretary said this afternoon that the ban won't come into affect until the end of the year.

"This transition will give the market, businesses and supply chains more than enough time to replace Russian imports – which make up 8% of UK demand.

"Businesses should use this year to ensure a smooth transition so that consumers will not be affected."