CCTV reveals how machete murderer Cam'ron Dunn hunted down victim before stabbing him to death

CCTV shows the shocking moment Derlano Samuels was pursued by his machete wielding attacker in Smethwick

Shocking CCTV footage has revealed how a teenage killer armed with a 'Rambo-style machete' chased down his victim in the street before stabbing him to death in a shop.

A jury heard how Cam'ron Dunn, 19, had chased down Derlano Samuels with a 'Rambo style machete' in the moments before the murder.

Dunn has been convicted of murder, after a jury found him guilty of the murder of Derlano Samuels in Smethwick last May.

In this CCTV, captured by the police, Dunn can be seen chasing Samuels down the road whilst wielding the huge knife.

The 17-year-old was stabbed multiple times - first in Cape Hill, where he was stabbed in the street, before Dunn attacked him again in a shop on Waterloo Road.

Samuels managed to leave the shop and get in a car, but was found by police in Heath Street, the car having apparently crashed.

It took a jury just 90 minutes to convict Dunn at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Derlano Samuels was a 'kind-hearted person', his family said Credit: West Midlands Police

Reacting, Detective Inspector Hannah Whitehouse said: "The brutality of this attack is shocking.

"Derlano was stabbed in the street and then tried to flee from his attacker.

"He was pursued by Dunn and subjected to a further vicious knife attack when he was cornered.

"What caused this horrifying violence to be unleashed isn’t clear but it has resulted in another family losing a loved one, and our thoughts remain with them."

In a statement, Derlano's family said he had been "a happy, positive, thoughtful and kind-hearted person."

They added: "His life was taken from him before his 18th birthday in a senseless act at the hands of another.

"He will be forever missed by his family and those who knew and loved him."