Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski accused of 'immoral and offensive bile' over Ukrainian refugees

Daniel Kawczynski Credit: PA Images

The Conservative MP for Shrewsbury has received a huge backlash on social media for saying it would be "immoral and illiterate" for the UK to take in more Ukrainian refugees.

In a deleted tweet, Daniel Kawczynski claimed "British left-wing parties" are making "illiterate and immoral" demands for the UK to accept more people fleeing Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

He has been accused by a senior colleague of spouting "utterly risible, illiterate, immoral and offensive bile" over Ukrainian refugees.

The MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham argued Britain should support Ukraine’s neighbours because "Ukrainians will need to return home to rebuild their country" when the war is over.

But Simon Hoare, chairman of the Commons Northern Ireland Committee, told Mr Kawczynski he does "not speak for the Tory Party".

In a 5.50am tweet, Mr Hoare said: "What utterly risible, illiterate, immoral and offensive bile. Haven’t you heard what @BorisJohnson has been saying?

"You do not speak for the Tory Party. I’m not sure you speak for humanity #whitehotfury."

The online dispute came as the Tories, and Home Secretary Priti Patel in particular, come under vast pressure to improve British efforts to help those fleeing the war.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is resisting widespread calls, including from Kyiv, to drop visa requirements for Ukrainians, instead insisting security checks are needed to prevent the Russian president sending agents to the UK.

Despite more than 2.1 million people having fled Ukraine according to UN estimates, the latest figures from Downing Street say the UK has granted just 957 visas.

Against this backdrop, Mr Kawczynski tweeted: "British Left wing parties demand Britain takes in more Ukrainian refugees. This is illiterate and immoral.

"When war is over Ukrainians will need to return home to rebuild their country. We should be supporting Ukrainian refugees in frontline states like Poland & Romania."

Mr Kawczynski later deleted the tweet.

In January, Mr Kawczynski was suspended from the Commons for a single day for undermining an apology he gave for bullying staff.