Coventry woman who helped parents flee Ukraine are heading back to Midlands after collecting visas

A family from Coventry who drove to the Ukrainian/Poland border in an attempt to bring their relatives to the Midlands, are safely on their way back to the UK.

Iuliia Pula, made the journey with her husband and son on February 25th to pick up her parents who had fled Ukraine following the invasion of Russia.

This afternoon, her parents were able to collect their UK visas from Warsaw and the family are now on the road, heading back to Coventry.

Ms Pula has told ITV News Central how it feels to be reunited with her parents: "I'm feeling great really, so we can travel home now with my parents, so really very good feeling to be honest.

She added: "Thank you so much to everyone for their support and to the home office for granting visas for my parents."

Ms Pula's parents then explained how they were feeling to be reunited.

Ms Pula translated: "They said they are happy and they feel secure and they thank England for granting them the visas.

"They say that they hope the war will finish and all people around the world and Ukraine specifically will again have peace."