Worcester's 'oldest cat' Morag gets new home at last

Morag, the 21 year old cat Credit: RSPCA

Morag - the oldest cat ever housed in the RSPCA centre in Worcester - has found a new home, at the ripe age of 21.

People as far afield as Australia, Japan and the USA had offered to home the elderly cat, who is around 100 years old in equivalent human years.

Morag came into the care of the centre in Kempsey last month after her previous owner was no longer able to look after her.

Morag's new owner said she is settling in to her new home

Staff at the RSPCA’s Worcester and Mid Worcestershire branch, which runs the centre, were initially concerned that Morag’s age might put potential adopters off.

But an appeal very quickly took off, with nearly 50,000 reactions and over 3,000 shares on a social media post.

A calm and quiet home - which was essential given her advancing years  - was identified for Morag in Worcester, not far from the centre, where she has settled in well.

Staff believe she was the oldest cat ever looked after at the rehoming centre in Kempsey Credit: RSPCA

Her new owner has affectionately described Morag as “high maintenance, as you would expect from a senior cat,” and says her favourite pastimes are “sleeping, mooching about and eating.” 

Ned Cotton, who manages the rehoming centre, said, “We never thought for one moment that her story would take off like it did, but a 21-year-old cat looking for a retirement home to live out the remainder of her days seemed to resonate with people and we were inundated with interest and offers of homes for her.

We’re delighted that she’s found a wonderful home to call her own and we know she’s going to be thoroughly pampered and much loved there, just as she deserves.”