Central Lobby - March 2022: what's the best way to help Ukrainian refugees?

War has broken out in eastern Europe and we've all been moved by the horrifying scenes of destruction.

People in the Midlands have been quick to act, coming forward with donations and aid - but what's the most effective way of helping the millions of refugees pouring into Poland and other neighbouring countries? What decisions do our leaders need to take?

Also on the show - a second by-election in the Midlands, and a second loss for the Conservatives. How significant is this for the government? And what will Paulette Hamilton's win mean for Erdington?

We end with Spring Statement predictions - what can Rishi Sunak do to help people facing a cost of living crisis?


- Amanda Solloway MP, Derby North, Conservative

- Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, Labour

- Cllr Michael Mullaney, Leicestershire, Liberal Democrat