Staffordshire billionaire John Caudwell offers two bedroom house to Ukrainian refugees

ITV News Central's Andy Bevan met John Caudwell on his Staffordshire estate

The billionaire founder of Phones4U will open up his home for two Ukrainian refugees, he has said.

John Caudwell, who is from Stoke-on-Trent, will offer a two bedroom house on the grounds of his home in Eccleshall to two people who have fled the conflict in Ukraine.

The offer comes with food and utilities paid for "as long as they need it".

Mr Caudwell has been vocal in his disapproval of the British governments response to the crisis, calling it "embarrassing".

In an Instagram post, he said: "I don’t know how you become a sponsor, but consider this my application if it’s needed.

"I'd like to host a Ukrainian family to live on the grounds of my estate in Staffordshire."

Mr Caudwell has been closely following the war, which began after Russia launched a further incursion into Ukrainian territory on February 24, 2022.

Thousands of people have died and almost three million people have left the country.

Multiple Instagram posts showcase the CEO's concern for both the people of Ukraine and his criticism of the Western response to the conflict.

In his most recent, a cartoon of Chinese President Xi Jinping along Russia's leader Vladimir Putin is tagged "BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS"

"Would Chinese president Xi Jinping really be so stupid as to formally extend a hand of friendship to Russia when Putin's hands are now dripping with blood?"

"The world is on watch, Xi," he concludes.

John Caudwell's wife, Lithuanian cyclist Modesta Vžesniauskaitė, has also voiced her anger at the invasion on social media.

John Caudwell told ITV's Good Morning Britain that response to his appeal had been "amazing"

Speaking to ITV's Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Caudwell said: "I launched an appeal last week to have a Ukrainian family on my estate... and an appeal to rich people or people with spare properties to do exactly the same."

"The response was amazing and this of course is the best solution."

"The average person taking in a family is a big risk, but I have to say, in addition to the wealthy people that responded to me, there were so many people - this is before the scheme, nothing to do with £350 pounds - so many people responded."

A scheme has been launched where people can sign up to offer a spare room, or property, to a Ukrainian refugee ahead of an expected influx of people to the country.

The government have said they will pay households who host a Ukrainian national £350 a month.