Meet the lion cubs born in a back garden in Nottinghamshire

ITV News Central reporter Rajiv Popat went to meet the cubs in Strelley

When people first hear about a man from Nottinghamshire who has two African lions in his garden, their response is usually one of shock, bewilderment and occasionally, disbelief.

Well, Reece Oliver doesn’t actually have two lions, he has four. That’s because Rocky and Rora are now the proud parents of a pair of unbelievably cute cubs.

For Mr Oliver, who keeps the animals at a large enclosure in Strelley, the cubs’ arrival was a big but welcome surprise.

Reece Oliver rescued Rocky and Rora when they were just a few months old from Eastern Europe and according to the licensed zoo keeper, they were in a ‘dire state’.

As well as the lions, he also owns horses, a Canadian puma and 24 squirrel monkeys.

Reece Oliver says him and staff were "over the moon" when Rora gave birth to cubs

As for the cubs, who are almost three weeks old, mum Rora is never far from their side.

They’re getting stronger each day and their appetite is growing. Mr Oliver called the births "fantastic news."

"It's the first thing we've actively bred here and we're really over the moon and really overwhelmed with how well Rora is doing with them.

"It's fantastic for a hand-raised lioness to actually be able to bring her own cubs up. She's doing everything, she's feeding them, she's cleaning them, and we're helping her as well."

The cubs are certainly getting lots of attention from Rora. The only thing they don’t have right now is a name - but they soon will.