Former Wolverhampton firefighter describes refugee camp at Poland's border with Ukraine

Ex-firefighter Dave Walters tells ITV Central what he has witnessed since travelling to the Ukraine-Poland border

A former firefighter and Royal Marine from Wolverhampton has travelled to Poland with vans filled with medical supplies and donations for refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Dave Walters said he felt helpless watching the Ukraine crisis unfold on the news.

So, he decided to start a social media appeal for donations, raising more than more than £8,000 through a JustGiving page and cash donations.

This money has been used to buy essential items such as medical aid, sanitary products, nappies, baby food, clothing and more.

Mr Walters has now made the 30 hour long journey to Poland with three former work colleagues - Ian Broadmore, Tom Hartley and Mark Smith - to deliver these items to refugees.

In an Interview with ITV Central from Poland, Mr Walters described what it's like.

"Obviously we've not been anywhere near the front line, we are seeing refugees mainly women and children," he said.

Dave decided last Monday, March 14, that he wanted to do something to help. Credit: Claire Walters

"One family that are being brought back today, their husbands dropped them off at the Ukrainian side, he's gone back to protect his city.

"In the centre we stayed at last night, the last couple of days, they're receiving families and processing families feeding them, cleaning them, giving them washing facilities."

Mr Walters continued: "There has been lots of tears, the kids to be honest are resilient, as long as they've got some toys, it's a bit of an adventure for them, they're happy, they're happy to be in safety.

"But you can see in the parents faces, the distress that they're under. It's sad, It's frightening really.

"It makes our little problems back in the UK kind-of pale into insignificance."

The four men plan on staying in Poland until next Monday (28 March).

While there, they are going to continue buying products with donations that are made, and help as much as they can.