Over 75s encouraged to get new Covid boosters as UK grapples with new wave of infections

People over the age of 75, and those with certain medical conditions, are being encouraged to get another Covid booster jab.

Classed as the most vulnerable to the virus, these groups have begun receiving the extra protection as cases rise in the region once more.

Are Covid-19 cases rising in the Midlands, and in the UK?

Yes. 2,391 people in the Midlands were admitted to hospital with Covid in the past seven days, whilst 83,396 people have tested positive.

Sadly, 134 people have died within 28 days of a positive test in the region over the past week.

The story is similar in the rest of the country. 14,376 people have been taken to hospital, and almost 600,000 have tested positive over the last week. 950 people have died within 28 days of a positive test.

In Hinckley, volunteers are busy giving the most at risk their latest jab, and one doctor told ITV News Central why a fourth jab is so important for those eligible.

"We are starting to see that patients who are being admitted to hospital who are being tested for Covid on admission have a higher chance of actually having Covid as well.

"That's not always the reason they're going in to hospital, but some patients are going in with Covid too.

"We are seeing some serious illness in some of those patients, particularly those who haven't been vaccinated or haven't completed a program."

Why are Covid cases rising again, and how worried should I be?