Lorry-load of biscuits spills on to Derbyshire road

Drivers were being warned to expect delays after a lorry-load of biscuits spilt onto a Derbyshire road.

Officers from Erewash Response Unit posted about the incident which took place in Ilkeston Road, Sandiacre on Tuesday evening.

These pictures show the extent of the spillage, as scores of packets of biscuits ended up strewn across the road.

Popular varieties, like ginger nuts and bourbons, appeared to have been crushed on the road.

Members of the team took to Twitter about the incident, poking fun at the situation stating that they were trying to "digest the issue".

The extent of the biscuit spillage Credit: Erewash Response, Derbyshire police

The post on Twitter reads: "Sandiacre - Ilkeston Road. "Please bare with us this evening whilst we try and ‘digest’ this issue.

"A lorry load of McVities finest have decided to abandon ship causing a slight obstruction! #PostYourBestBiscuitPuns #CanAnyoneBringUsABrew."

Many people also made light of the situation by posting comments to the police tweet. One person wrote: "Oh crumbs! that takes the biscuit!"

Another wrote: "Let's hope it not to warm there, or you could end up with a sticky situation."