Disabled dog found abandoned and tied to a tree near Bromsgrove

Defford was found tied to a tree near Bromsgrove Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a disabled dog was found tied to a tree near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire.

He was found on a secluded patch of land near the Avoncroft Museum Of Historic Buildings in Redditch Road, in Stoke Heath.

Staff at the museum said they became concerned that he had been intentionally abandoned and called the police.

Defford is now at the RSPCA centre Credit: RPSCA

The rescue team named him Defford after the police officer who saved him.

He's thought to be a young German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois cross and around a year old.

Zoe Willems, director of Avoncroft Museum, described the moment they found a scared Defford alone and tied to a tree. She said:

“There was no food and water and we couldn’t see much mess so don’t think he was there that long, but he had clearly trodden down a circle through pacing when the lead allowed him to.

However, he’d been there long enough to get the lead very twisted on itself and as you can see from pictures, he ended up unable to lie down or move very much at all."

The location where Defford was found Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA Inspector Nicola Johnson, who is investigating for the animal welfare charity, said:

“It really upsets me to think his owner had decided to just dump him like rubbish and simply walk away from their terrified pet. 

“He must have been very confused and frightened to be tied up and abandoned like this. He has deformed rear legs and a very distinct walk so should be easily identifiable to anyone who has seen him before.

“He is such a sweet and gentle-natured dog. It’s heartbreaking to think someone has abandoned him because of his legs."

She added: “During the pandemic, pet ownership surged ....With the worrying rise in prices and energy bills, and more people also returning to the workplace following lockdown restrictions, we fear the increased stress and pressures will see a rise in abandonment, neglect and even abuse of animals."

Defford is now recovering after his ordeal, as the above video from the RSPCA shows - but the search goes on to find those responsible for abandoning him.