Family's desperate plea to find Nathan Fleetwood who went missing in Shrewsbury

'We want answers', Nathan's family tell ITV News Central

Hundreds of people have taken part in a huge search to find a man who went missing after a night out in Shrewsbury.

Nathan Fleetwood was last seen walking along Kingsland Road on March 27, Mothering Sunday, after a night out with his friends.

Family and friends of the 21-year-old have been left devastated by the news and have organised public searches in a bid to try and find him.

They have also set up a Facebook page called Help Find Nathan Fleetwood to share information, which has already got more than 6,000 followers.

Officers from West Mercia Police have launched an appeal and are calling on anyone who may have information to come forward.

Nathan is reported to have been in the Kingsland Bridge area on the night of his disappearance. Credit: ITV News Central

"There's a missing link in our family at the moment"

Carol Fleetwood, Nathan's mother, said: "We have had amazing support, we can't thank people enough for all they have done and continued support. There are numerous people we need to thank, too many to mention.

"Obviously it's ongoing. We are just trying to add it all together with what's happened and we obviously want answers.

"There's a missing link in our family at the moment and we just want him home and he needs to give me his Mother's Day present."

Gerard Fleetwood, Nathan's father, said: "Obviously it is ongoing searches. The police have been absolutely fantastic, they have been updating us on a regular basis.

"I just can't thank the police and everyone else enough, it just shows the love for him, everybody just wants him back.

"If anybody does have any information please come forward and help."

The 21-year-old was seen in Shrewsbury Town Centre at around 2.30am on Sunday, March 27, after leaving the Albert Shed, in Barker Street.

He is then believed to have made his way towards the Kingsland area of the town shortly afterwards and was seen in Kingsland Bridge.

"This will continue until we get closure"

Toby Owen, a good friend of Nathan who organised the public search, said: "He was just a lovable rogue I think that goes with everybody. He was just a genuine young lad that everyone loved.

"I messaged Jez and Carol and said I just think the best thing we can do at the moment with the circumstances (and I asked) do I have your consent to put out for a public search.

"By the morning we had 1,200 shares and it was just growing massively.

"We had around 420 people turn up on Sunday out of their own time to come and help search for Nathan and try and put pieces together that are currently still missing.

"Without the people pulling together like this, it wouldn't be possible and it's only growing bigger and bigger. It's just getting this information on where Nathan is or what happened to Nathan.

"I won't stop searching until we have closure. This will continue until we have closure."

Plans are already in place to set up another search this weekend and Shrewsbury Town FC says it will put posters up at their ground to help with the search.

Officers from West Mercia Police have issued a description of Nathan.

Nathan's parents say there is a 'missing link in the family' with him gone. Credit: ITV News Central

He is described as having short dark hair and was wearing a white t-shirt with a black hoodie, black jeans and white Nike trainers.

Officers are working with West Mercia Search and Rescue to search the area around the Kingsland Bridge, as well as following up a number of enquiries around the town centre.

Detective Sergeant David Bettison said: “Thank you to everyone who has been sharing our appeals, after hearing from a number of people we have now been able to expand our searches.

“We are now eager to speak to anybody who walked along Kingsland Road, in the direction of Coleham, as we believe they may have walked past Nathan after he left the Kingsland Bridge.

“Currently there is no evidence to suggest anyone is involved with Nathan’s disappearance, but we do believe people in the area at this time could hold vital information in helping us better understand Nathan’s movements in the early hours of Sunday."

A Facebook page aimed at sharing information to help find Nathan has been set up.