Feline pal takes on Robert the allotment cat's Twitter feed after his death

Dorothy will continue to tweet from Robert's Twitter account
Dorothy (left) will continue to tweet from Robert's Twitter account Credit: Betty Farruggia

By ITV Central Production Journalist Nick Reid

It has been four days since we reported the sad news that Robert the allotment cat had died after being attacked by a dog.

The world famous feline spearheaded a campaign to save Walsall Road allotments back in 2019.

People from more than 20 countries around the world are represented on the allotment site and Robert would spend his days getting to know them as well as other cats who visited the site.

Robert's allotment exploits were being eagerly followed by almost 40,000 followers on Twitter.

Since his death thousands of people have since taken to social media to express their sorrow.

Dorothy the cat Credit: Betty Farruggia

The exploits of the allotment though are set to be continued, as Dorothy the cat has taken over the mantle to update the thousands of people following the Twitter page.

Speaking to ITV Central, Dorothy, with the help of her friend Betty Farruggia, said: "I don't understand what's going on at the allotments.

"I think something bad might have happened because Robert has been avoiding me lately. Our human's eyes look a bit more strange than usual, and water keeps leaking out of them.

"She's asked me if I will carry on with writing Robert's tweets for him every morning. When I asked her why she just walked away. She can be a bit weird sometimes. Anyway, I agreed to do the tweets.

"I haven't got a clue what I'm going to write about every day but with a bit of luck, something will come to me."

Robert the allotment cat died after a being attacked by a dog

The Twitter account for Robert has now been changed to "Robert the allotment cat assisted by Dorothy".

Dorothy has been described as being "different to Robert".

Dorothy, speaking through Betty, said: "He is a very kind cat and never wants to upset anyone. I wish I could be like him but it's going to be difficult.

"I'm going to tweet about Barbara, the boy I share the veranda with. For some unknown reason he seems a bit scared of me. I didn't mean to hurt him when I smacked him. I'll also tweet about Janet, E,T, and Red Fred.

"I don't know how I'll get on, this is all new to me.

"Our human has asked me if I will also write something about Robert for his new book which he had just finished writing."

The Walsall Road allotments in Perry Barr sit in the shadow of the new Alexander Stadium.

They had been under threat in 2019, but were saved after a campaign spearheaded by Robert.

Robert the allotment cat with ITV Central's producer, Lucy Kapasi

Back in November 2021, hundreds of people from around the world came together to pay the medical bill for Robert when he was taken to the vet with two ulcers in his eye.

More than £10,000 was raised to pay for treatment and the extra cash raised went towards the vet fund for the many other cats that live at the allotments.

Following the sad news on Friday, thousands of people have expressed their sadness at the death of Robert.

One person wrote on Twitter: "This is so so sad. Dear Robert, we will miss you terribly. Run free buddy, our Angel pals will welcome you at The Rainbow Allotments.

"Here's my final song, to guide you to the light and hopefully bring some comfort to your family and friends. Until we meet again.Bye sweet Robert."

Another wrote: "I am shocked and heartbroken. Robert, you will never be forgotten.

"Sending much love and condolences. Run free brave boy."

Another person wrote: "Oh Robert. I will miss you very much. You were a sweet kitty.

"I'm glad to have met you. You will forever live on in my heart sweet Robert. Love you Robert. You are safe now. Rest in peace dear Robert."