'Shotgun-wielding man' opens fire at family home in Coventry street

Police tape (4) stock photo
Police enquiries are underway Credit: West Midlands Police

Police are investigating a shooting in a Coventry street in which they suspect a family home was targeted in error by two gunmen.

West Midlands Police officers say it happened in Swan Lane at around 12.15am on Monday, April 11.

Two men emerged from a small black hatchback car both armed with what police believe are shotguns, before one opened fire at a house, police said.

The front door to the property was damaged, but no-one was injured.

Both men made off in the car and police enquiries are underway to identify the vehicle and the offenders.

Officers say they have seized CCTV for examination, but are urging anyone else who lives in the area and has CCTV to check footage to see if they’ve caught the car on camera before or after the shooting.

Swan Lane, Coventry Credit: Google Maps

Police are also urging drivers in the area at the time to check their footage to see if they have captured the offenders’ vehicle.

Coventry Police Superintendent Ronan Tyrer said: "We firmly believe this was intended to be a targeted attack but that the offenders have inadvertently shot at the wrong address.

"What’s happened is totally outrageous, to discharge a firearm in a public street in a residential area, is hugely reckless and could have fatal consequences.

"This is a family address and clearly they are shocked at what’s happened.

"If anyone has information about who might be responsible then please get in touch. These men do not deserve protection, they’ve shot at the home of an innocent family, and we want to take a stance with the community to show it won’t be tolerated."

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or contact the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. People should quote crime ref 20/372753/22.