Staffordshire protests back on after Prime Minister promises to help stop quarry smell

Protests at Walleys Quarry continue
Protests at the quarry today Credit: ITV News Central

People living near the controversial Walleys Quarry in Staffordshire have staged another day of protest, a day after the Prime Minister said he backed plans to crack down on smells coming from the site. 

Residents near the Newcastle-under-Lyme landfill have long complained about the smell, and believe chemicals linked to it are damaging their health.

The quarry in Staffordshire

For months local residents in the campaign group 'Stop the Stink' have been protesting outside the gates of the quarry, over fears that noxious gases coming from the site in Silverdale are causing health problems for families living nearby.

What health impact is it having on local residents ?

People have complained of:

  • sickness

  • puffy eyes

  • nose bleeds

  • shortness of breath

Some say the government's intervention will only partly fix the issue.

At this week's Prime Ministers Questions, Boris Johnson personally threw his weight behind the need to crack down on the smells coming from the quarry.

But campaigners were out in force again today at the quarry, and say despite fresh promises, nothing has changed.

They say:

"The area stinks. This should have been done last year, so it's nothing new".

Resident and mother Audrey Young lives nearby and says she hasn't slept for nearly nine days.

She says:

"I haven't slept for eight or nine days. The house physically stinks and my medication for my mental health has doubled in the last month alone".

The Environment Agency is monitoring the site and has already found it in breach of the terms of its permit.

What happens next ?

The quarry's owner says work is underway to cap off part of the site, and that will be completed next month.

A geo-textile membrane will be installed on top of the clay formation layer which aims to seal the waste mass from the atmosphere.

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Red Industries, which run the quarry, told ITV Central:

"As owners, we have been carrying out extensive capping works for some time. This will continue until they are complete at the end of next month".

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