Future DCFC buyer Chris Kirchner calls out death threats from fans to previous owner Mel Morris

Derby County's prospective buyer Chris Kirchner has called out abusive behaviour from fans to the club's previous owner Mel Morris. Credit: PA

Derby County's prospective buyer Chris Kirchner says the issues regarding the sale of Pride Park Stadium are preventing his takeover of the club, while he calls out fans threatening the previous owner Mel Morris.

The football ground is currently owned by the club's former chairman and is not part of the administration process - meaning a deal has to be struck with him independently.

Derby City Council is in talks over a deal to buy the stadium which would enable the club to keep it as its home.

In a tweet thread, Kirchner said he was still hopeful the issues would be solved and any threats or abuse directed at Morris by fans are totally unacceptable.

He said: "I’ve spoken to Mel this morning in a meeting with several of the key parties.

"We remain at an impasse, but I’m hopeful everyone will come around to agree to save this great football club and so that we can move on with rebuilding it."

The American businessman added he has heard high levels of abuse is being directed at the club's former owner.

He added in another tweet: "I want to also say that it has been brought to my attention that Mel has received death threats and other threatening messages.

"There is absolutely NO place for that. Tensions are high. There is an unbelievable amount of emotion involved.

"However, violence and/or the threat of it is NEVER acceptable and I ask that everyone lets this play out in an appropriate manner."

"Pride Park is our home, we're proud of it."

Derby County lost their final championship match against Cardiff City on Saturday (7 May) before being relegated to League Two.

But fans at the grounds were more concerned with the fact it could have been the team's last match at Pride Park Stadium unless a deal is made.

One fan told us they wouldn't be able to travel to another ground further away, and would have to give up their season ticket.