Parents of man who died after hospital discharge with paracetamol relive horror in Jeremy Hunt book

Reporter Rajiv Popat spoke to Frank and Janet Robinson about living with the loss of their son

The parents of a Leicestershire man who died after being sent home from hospital with painkillers, when in fact he had a ruptured spleen, welcome a new book by the former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt which details the mistakes that were made.

Frank and Janet Robinson's son John was take to Stafford Hospital after falling off his bike in 2006.

Staff failed to diagnose a ruptured spleen, saying he had bruised ribs. He died hours later.

In an interview with ITV News Central Mrs Robinson said: "Each year has got harder for me. I struggle a lot. I think of John everyday. I get emotional everyday.

Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has now written a book, called Zero, which highlights the failures in the care of John and others across the country. He says it's to help the NHS learn from their mistakes.

The coroner identified six key failings and several shortcomings in John's care and the former hospital trust apologised to John's family.

John Robinson

Mr Robinson said: "The fact is, as this book highlights, 150 people a day are losing the lives, avoidable deaths they are.

"It's now 16 years since John died. Nothing's changed, but that culture has got to change.

"I would like to think every member of the public, the care sector. It's a must, must read for every healthcare professional."

ITV Central has contacted the Department for Health for a comment about Mr Hunt's book, and Mr and Mrs Robinson's remarks, but they haven't replied.