'No remorse shown' as Telford man jailed for murder after stabbing victim's neck with bottle

Picture of Robert Wieczorkowski seen on shop CCTV buying alcohol the day before the attack
Robert Wieczorkowski Credit: West Mercia Police

A man from Telford has been jailed for murder, after smashing a glass bottle and stabbing a 23-year-old man in the neck.

Robert Wieczorkowski who is 32 and from Hurleybrook Way, was sent to prison for 18 years.

He was convicted at Stafford Crown Court, after he was found guilty of murdering Dawid Kurdziel, at Ketley Recreation Ground on July 3, 2021.

Wieczorkowski was seen on CCTV buying alcohol the day before he attacked Mr Kurdziel.

He had been drinking when he smashed a glass bottle and stabbed Mr Kurdziel in the neck, causing a fatal loss of blood.

Robert Wieczorkowski Credit: West Mercia Police

Wieczorkowski fled the area and eventually arrested in Handsworth in Birmingham, on the 14th August, where he was charged with murder.

He denied the charge, but was found guilty on Wednesday 11 May at Stafford Crown Court.

Police said on July 3, 2021 Mr Kurdziel attended Ketley Recreation Ground, after being called by a friend who was being threatened by a group who had been drinking, including Wieczorkowski.

Kurdziel and another friend were stood behind a fence when Wieczorkowski approached them. He then smashed a glass bottle and stabbed Kurdziel in the neck.

Wieczorkowski caught in Birmingham Credit: West Mercia Police

Detective Inspector Lee Holehouse said: “Robert Wieczorkowski has not shown any remorse for his horrendous act.

“Following the incident, he looked to avoid taking responsibility for his actions by going on the run throughout different parts of the UK.

“He evaded capture for a number of weeks before being tracked down to the Handsworth area of Birmingham where he was quickly arrested.

“Throughout this investigation, he has maintained his stance that his actions were in self-defence and that he did not intend to kill or seriously harm Mr Kurdziel.

“But this was rejected by the jury and Wieczorkowski will rightfully spend many years in prison.

“I would like to thank everybody that came forward to the police in support of this investigation – in particular, those within the Polish community who provided key information which ultimately helped secure this conviction.

“I would also like to praise the family of Dawid Kurdziel for the quiet dignity they have shown during this investigation and our thoughts remain with them.”