Country lanes in Lichfield piled high with fly tipped waste

Three lanes in rural parts of Staffordshire have been blocked by fly tipped waste.

The three separate incidents saw waste including bedding, furniture, timber, carpet, textiles and plastic completely obstructing each lane.

The crimes were brought to the local council's attention on Thursday 19 May when officers were called out to the waste which had been dumped in Abnalls Lane, Lichfield, Little Pipe Lane near Chorley and Raikes Lane, Shenstone.

Abnalls Lane, Lichfield

Credit: Lichfield District Council

Little Pipe Lane near Chorley

Credit: Lichfield District Council

Raikes Lane, Shenstone

Credit: Lichfield District Council

The council is now preparing to sift through the rubbish to look for evidence to prosecute those involved.

If anyone recognises any of the rubbish, or saw it being loaded onto a vehicle or witnessed it being dumped, they can report it to Lichfield District Council.

Councillor Elizabeth Little, Cabinet member for Waste and Recycling, said: “Fly-tipping causes disruption, is unsightly and impacts on the district’s taxpayers because the rubbish has to be cleared and removed.