Sentencing adjourned for robber who tied pensioner to chair in Halesowen home and left him to die

Credit: West Midlands Police

The sentencing of a man found guilty of murdering a 78-year-old when robbing his home, has been adjourned.

Adris Mohammed broke into David Varlow's home in Halesowen in the early hours of November 3 last year. Mohammed left Mr Varlow to die after ransacking his home.

He tied up the elderly man, threatened him with a knife in order to get his pin number, and then stole his bank card.

Adris Mohammed Credit: West Midlands Police

He and others who used the card went on to spend £8000 from the pensioner's account, while he remained tied to a chair in his home.

Before leaving the house, the court heard Mohammed cut the phone lines, to ensure Mr Varlow couldn't raise the alarm, and prevent his spending spree.

Mr Varlow died from a heart attack brought on by the stress of the ordeal and was only discovered weeks later when his brother and neighbours raised the alarm.

The mess left in Mr Varlow's house after the break in. Credit: West Midlands Police

Police say Mohammed returned to Mr Varlow's house nine days after the initial break-in with another man and untied him, knowing he was dead. They then stole a second bank card.

Adris Mohammed had denied all the charges against him but his DNA was found on the knife, scissors and cable left at the scene. He was found guilty of attempted burglary, aggravated burglary, murder, fraud and burglary.

The case has been adjourned until June 9 2022.