The father and son competing to be the most passionate about Spaghetti Junction

Michael Del-Giudice tells ITV News Central why he loves Spaghetti Junction

Today marks 50 years since Gravelly Hill Interchange, widely known as Spaghetti Junction, first opened to traffic and there is one father son duo whose passion for keeping it safe knows no bounds.

Michael Del-Giudice, who is 55 and from Solihull, works for National Highways while his son Lewis Del-Giudice, who is 29 and from Cannock, works for service provider Kier Highways.

In in interview with ITV News Central, Michael explained why he thinks the junction is special.

Michael said: "When I first arrived at Spaghetti Junction I got that WOW factor, 'oh my god what have I let myself in for.'

"The complexity, the enormous size of it, was absolutely mind blowing and I am smiling now and I was smiling then."

Michael is extremely passionate about his job and takes pride in making sure the structure is well maintained.

He added: "I am very fortunate that I actually enjoy my job. I find it really interesting and such a challenge and especially as we make a difference.

"What we are trying to do is maintain this structure - not just for ourselves - but for the wider economy."

After hearing about his love for Spaghetti Junction, Michael's son Lewis also decided to work on the structure, following in his father’s footsteps.

Lewis Del-Giudice tells ITV News Central why he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps

Lewis said: "I try to keep up to his standard of work, and eventually one day I will be able to outshine day!"

"I have that same love and passion, after maintaining it for so many years that I have been working on it, it just grows on you.

"You can't help but love the structure."

The intertwining structure is an integral part of England’s motorway network and today marks 50 years since the road first opened to traffic. 

More than 200,000 vehicles currently use the junction every day and that means the structure requires constant maintenance and inspection by specialist teams from National

The junction is an integral part of the ‘Midland Links’ which joins up the M6, M1 and M5 motorways with the A38(M) Aston Expressway so traffic can travel into Birmingham.