CCTV shows three-year-old Kemarni Watson Darby's final moments at McDonald's before being murdered

  • This CCTV footage shows the final moments of innocent toddler Kemarni Watson Darby's life before he was murdered by his mum's boyfriend.

The three-year-old visited a McDonald's restaurant in West Bromwich, West Midlands, less than four hours before he was killed.

Today Nathaniel Pope, 31, who was convicted for the boy's murder, has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 24 years for killing him.

His mother Alicia Watson, 30, who was found guilty of causing or allowing the death of her son, was jailed for 11 years at Birmingham Crown Court.

Alicia Watson and Nathaniel Pope Credit: West Midlands Police

The footage shows Kemarni and his mother collecting their lunch shortly after midday on June 5, 2018.

Kemarni Watson Derby Credit: West Midlands Police

But by 3:49pm, paramedics had discovered him 'lifeless' at his home on Beaconview Road.

Kemarni's home Credit: West Midlands Police

In the CCTV, she can be seen holding onto Kemarni’s hand as the pair walk into the fast-food restaurant. 

Kemarni stands as Watson places an order at the counter before the mum picks up her son while the pair wait for their food.

She collects their food and walks briskly out of the restaurant on All Saints Way with the food in her other hand.

Soon after the pair are seen holding hands as they walk along Beaconview Road at 12:35pm, Kemarni lagging behind his mother.

The footage then captures the pair returning home before paramedics arrive hours later.

Watson, of Radnor Road in Handsworth, Birmingham, and Pope, of Evans Street, Wolverhampton, were also convicted of multiple counts of child cruelty.

During the trial, prosecutors said Kemarni’s injuries would have required force similar to that caused by a road traffic collision or being stamped on with a 'shod foot'. 

The young boy was left with a 'plethora' of severe injuries including multiple fractures to his rib cage, as well as wounds to his liver and colon.

Bruising was uncovered on his lungs, head, mouth, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, back and legs. 

The 'catalogue' of injuries also included scars to the eyes, cheeks, knees and limbs, prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC said.

Jurors were told Kemarni's extensive injuries could not be blamed on the 'usual rough and tumble bruising on a child'.