Passengers at Birmingham airport hit by delays for second day in a row

Birmingham airport Credit: ITV

Passengers at Birmingham Airport faced a second day of frustrating long waits as major delays hit baggage collection, with one man claiming he had been told to leave without his luggage after a two hour wait.

The airport has been plagued with difficulties over the past few months, with multiple instances of travellers facing long delays.

It appears problems weren't just limited to bag collection - one passenger tweeted that it took them two hours to get through check in, and another two hours to pass security.

Airports usually advise people to arrive around three hours before their departure time.

Multiple people took to social media to voice their frustration at the problems.

One user, Jade, said there had been a "3 hour wait for baggage."

"I have a friend waiting to pick us up £48 a hour parking is a joke!!"

Whilst another, Kevin, said it had taken him three hours to collect bags from reclaim after landing.

He also said "hundreds" of bags had been left "abandoned as people went home without them."

The airport has told passengers that baggage reclaim is the responsibility of airlines, but has yet to release a formal statement.