Nottingham's police and crime commissioner Caroline Henry apologises again for speeding five times

The Conservative police and crime commissioner for Nottinghamshire has restated her apology after being caught speeding five times in the space of a few months.

Caroline Henry, the wife to Broxtowe's Conservative MP Darren, says she is "ashamed, embarrassed and sorry" having appeared in court earlier this year.

Mrs Henry, who is paid more than £76,000 per year for her role in holding to account Nottinghamshire Police and its responses to and prevention of crime, was caught speeding in various locations across the county between March, May and June last year.

She appeared before city magistrates and will now be sentenced in July.

She has now spoken publicly for the first time since her court appearance during a meeting of Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Panel at County Hall on Monday, 6 June.

Speed cameras clocked Caroline Henry going as high as 40mph in a 30mph zone Credit: Caroline Henry / Instagram

'I am very ashamed, embarrassed and sorry'

Speaking during the meeting as Nottinghamshire Police's chief constable, Craig Guildford, sat behind her, she told the panel: "Members of the police and crime panel, before my update is presented to you, I think it is only right to formally acknowledge the matter of the court case, of which I am involved as a private citizen, given that some of the information is already in the public domain.

"Unfortunately, because this matter has not formally been concluded at court, I cannot discuss it or take questions on the matter because I have to avoid any possible interference with the judicial outcome of the case which will be concluded in approximately six weeks time.

"What I am able to do, however, is to restate the apology that has been publicly reported already.

"I am very ashamed, embarrassed and sorry. I remain passionate about fulfilling the responsibilities expected of me as the police and crime commissioner for Nottinghamshire."

On 24 May, three weeks to the day of her first court appearance, Mrs Henry launched a board to probe the police over how it prevents criminal activity.

At the time former police and crime panel member and Nottingham North's Labour MP, Alex Norris, said "the hypocrisy of Caroline Henry doing so the same month as having pled guilty to multiple crimes shows how untenable her position is".

And Labour councillor for the Ernehale ward, David Ellis, the current vice-chairman of the panel, added: "It does make it difficult to try and ask the chief constable about what he is doing about speeding, for instance."

The 52-year-old Mrs Henry's lawyer, Noel Philo, has however argued sentencing should be dealt with by a district judge and two of the incidents should be challenged under ‘special reasons’.

Mrs Henry could face up to 15 points being added to her licence, which can result in a ban from driving of a minimum of six months and she will be sentenced on July 19.

Other issues raised during the meeting included the rise in violent crime involving weapons, such as knives, which jumped by 25%.

Particular concern over incidents occurring in Nottingham city centre and Broxtowe were brought to the table.

Independent councillor Richard MacRae, for Stapleford North, asked what "reassurance" would be given as to the effectiveness of interventions in violent crime.

Commissioner Henry replied: "Nationally there has been an increase in knife crime too. Night time economy has started up again and I think that has affected things."