Two women injured after Fiat 500 crashes into Bordesley Green pub

Two women have escaped with minor injuries after their car crashed into the side of a pub in Birmingham.

The fire service said the collision "could have ended in tragedy" - but thankfully the pub was closed at the time.

Pictures of the crash posted on Twitter showed a red Fiat 500 sticking out of the building.

A red-coloured Fiat ploughed into Shannon's pub, in Bordesley Green, just before 1am today, Tuesday, June 7.

The women were walking wounded following the crash.

Two fire crews were sent to the scene after a 999 call came in at 12.50am. The building was made safe and the incident was left in the hands of the police just after 2am.

Credit: West Midlands Fire Service

West Midlands Fire Service said: "We often attend incidents where a slight change in circumstances such as direction or time, could’ve resulted in tragedy".

They added: "Luckily, the pub was closed and the 2 women from the car suffered only minor injuries."

The fire service said there had been no damage to the pub's structural integrity.