Couple's heartbreak as dream wedding at Nottingham hall cancelled with four days' notice

Melanie and Danny with son Finley Credit: Melanie Lawson

By Production Journalist Hannah Norbury

A couple from Nottingham say they are 'heart broken' after being told that their dream wedding day at a hall in Woodborough has been cancelled - with just four days' notice.

Melanie Lawson, 31, and Danny Moss, 32, from Calverton, had their big day all booked at Woodborough Hall in Woodborough for the 4th of June. They had been planning their wedding for more than a year.

The couple received an email from the venue at 5:30pm on the 31st May, stating it had been cancelled.

It's thought the venue is going into receivership, which the owners say is due to the ongoing effects of Covid and a "difficult trading environment".

Melanie says this gave her one working day to try and make the wedding happen due to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

Melanie and Danny with their 18 month old son Credit: Melanie Lawson

Melanie Lawson, who works at Capital One, tried her best to arrange a new wedding in just one day, she said: "I tried my best and had venues and the registrar trying to help, but it wasn’t to be.

"We feel really led on, we had everything ready, the florist cost £1,000 alone and we're not getting all that stuff back.

"We couldn’t sort out the license change for the marriage and venues couldn’t source staff or catering etc on such short notice.

"We are both heartbroken.

"We had 170 guests and I have been planning for over a year. We’ve lost money on the florist, photographer, make up, dresses.

The young family Credit: Melanie Lawson

"My son was due to wear his custom made suit so he matched his daddy and every time I look at the suit it makes me cry, because I know he will be too big when we eventually manage to sort out a new date."

The couple are now on their honeymoon in Greece, but are still trying to plan their dream wedding. They've already spoken to several venues, all of which are fully booked.

Ms Lawson and Mr Moss were refunded by the venue a few days after the cancellation.

Mr Moss, who works in construction, said: "I thought she was just pulling my leg at first, and then when I realised I was incredibly heartbroken and shocked about the whole thing."There was not a lot of care from them at all - the first I knew about it was when I got a call from my missus who was crying, and then she said our wedding had been cancelled over email and that the hall had been sold.

"We were just about to sort out the last bits and get the rings ready, then we got than email and everything was just ended. It was gone."

Woodborough Hall Credit: BPM Media

The former operators of Woodborough Hall have been contacted for comment.

A spokesperson for the Bestwood Lodge Hotel in Arnold confirmed they had taken some wedding bookings from people who had their events cancelled at Woodborough Hall.

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