Mum with bowel cancer and given three months to live rings cancer free bell at Nottingham hospital

Caroline Guy rings the bell on her ward which indicates the end of her cancer treatment

A mum who was given three months to live after being diagnosed with bowel cancer, rang her ward bell at Nottingham City Hospital, indicating the end of her cancer treatment.

After undergoing extensive surgery at the hospital she rang the bell and thanked staff who saved her life.

Caroline Guy, 56, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in January 2020, which had spread to her ovaries and liver.

Ms Guy first started experiencing symptoms in June 2019, but they were dismissed by a GP in Spain.

In January 2020 while visiting her husband Adam in Saudi Arabia, her symptoms worsened.

She was rushed to hospital and within four days had MRI scans, x-rays and blood tests.

Credit: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

The surgeon told her husband it was very bad, and that she had "three to four months to live".

She was then classed as inoperable and incurable, and started a course of chemotherapy and a targeted drug, Cituximae.

By this time, Covid-19 had hit the headlines, and Ms Guy was desperate to see her daughters and family again.

She moved to Nottingham in September 2020 to join her daughter.

After moving to the Midlands, Mrs Guy registered at the Nottingham City Hospital, where scans showed the tumour had reduced in size, and she was told she had two years to live.

Despite the Covid pandemic causing the NHS to reach near-breaking point, Ms Guy says she's grateful not a single appointment was missed.

Ms Guy is now in remission for five years.

She’ll be monitored every three months by her oncologist, Dr Chadwick.