Where is the hottest place in the Midlands during today's heatwave?

Birmingham is set to be one of the hottest places in the West Midlands today Credit: PA

Today is expected to be the warmest day of the year so far, with different areas of the Midlands reaching higher temperatures than Ibiza.

How are the temperatures looking in your area?

The East Midlands is most likely to be the warmest with temperatures reaching 32 degrees celsius in some places.

The places expected to reach the warmest temperatures are Lincoln and Peterborough.

The Met Office have reported Nottingham will see the lowest temperatures in the East Midlands, where it will be 29 degrees and partially cloudy.

According to experts those temperatures could climb a little bit higher to 32.2 degrees, and if they do, today will be the warmest day in the UK since last August.

Meanwhile in the West Midlands, temperatures are expected to reach around 30 degrees celsius.

The hottest places include 29 degrees in Birmingham and Coventry, and 30 degrees in Worcester.

According to the Met office, the lowest West Midlands temperature will be 27 degrees in Shrewsbury.

Victoria Park in Leicester City Centre Credit: PA IMAGES

What is a heatwave?

What defines a heatwave is different for every county in the UK. In the Midlands, a heatwave occurs when there is at least three consecutive days of 26 degrees.

In comparison, London needs at least three consecutive days of 28 degrees.

Areas in the North of England like Manchester and Yorkshire would need to reach 25 degrees for at least three consecutive days to have a heatwave.

Why is there a heatwave?

High pressure is continuing to build across most of the country, which is leading to a stable pattern of settled weather and homegrown heat.

Secondly, parts of Europe are experiencing their second heatwave of the year with temperatures in the hottest areas exceeding 42C.

Seville hit 40C last weekend and it is this scorching heat that will hit parts of France and travel northwards towards Britain.

Owing to climate change, the likelihood of this happening again is increasing, say experts.

If today's temperatures reach over 32.2C, it will be the warmest day in the UK since August.

What is 'thunder fever' and how can you avoid hayfever symptoms amid heatwave?

Hay fever and asthma sufferers are being warned of 'thunder fever,' which could provoke severe allergy symptoms as temperatures soar.

According to the Met Office, it is not a scientific term.

However it could describe what is know as thunderstorm asthma, which scientists globally are still working to understand, according to the national forecaster.

Research is looking at how, in very specific conditions, there’s a chance that thunder and lightning can increase the symptoms of those with hay fever.

The Met Office has warned of very high pollen levels across most of England this week

Hay fever advice:

St Johns Ambulance service has issued advice to the roughly 10 million people who suffer with hay fever in England.

1) It is recommended to start taking hay fever medications a few weeks before the pollen season starts. Use a pollen calendar as a tool to guide you.

2) Speak to your pharmacist for the best advice on treatments, for example, whether to take oral medication or put treatments directly on the eyes or nose.

3) Regular vacuuming and damp-dusting can help keep the levels of pollen down in your home.

4) Some vacuum cleaners come with a HEPA filter that can reduce the levels even more.

5) Putting vaseline around your nostrils can help trap pollen.

6) Wear wrap-around sunglasses, since this can prevent the pollen getting to your eyes and irritating them. 

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