'Predator' befriended teenage girl on Snapchat before sexually abusing her and her friend

David Nwosu added the victim on the social media platform in October 2020 Credit: PA Images/Leicestershire Police

A "predator" who befriended a teenage girl on Snapchat before sexually abusing her and her friend has been jailed.

David Nwosu, who was already subject to multiple Sexual Harm Prevention Orders, added the victim on the social media platform in October 2020.

He supplied the young girls with alcohol, even leaving them to buy more, during the horrific ordeal.

He asked her to meet him in his home city of Birmingham but she declined - instead inviting him to her home in Hinckley.

Three days later, Nwosu travelled to Leicestershire, buying alcohol en-route, where police reported that he immediately began to make the victim feel uncomfortable.

Predator was caught after mum of victim called the police

Her friend, also a teenager, went to the address a short time later and Nwosu continued giving them alcohol. He left to go and buy more, but did not drink himself.

He then engaged in sexual activity with both girls inside the address before leaving and returning to Birmingham that afternoon.

He was caught after the mother of one of the victims called Nwosu and he provided a fake name and age.

She reported this to the police and Nwosu was arrested on 1 December 2020.

Predator's convictions

Nwosu of Langford Grove, Birmingham appeared at Leicester Crown Court in February and April this year, and pleaded guilty to:

  • Five counts of breach of Sexual Harm Prevention Order

  • Four counts of sexual activity with a child

  • One count of sending a letter/electronic communication/article with intent to cause distress or anxiety - which relates to providing a false name and age

On 17 June, a judge sentenced Nwosu to a total of 76 months' imprisonment.

He is also subject to an additional 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order and was told he must serve an extended period on licence of 24 months.

Nwosu is a 'predator' who preys on young girls

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Constable James Alcock, who was the investigating officer, dubbed Nwosu a 'predator' who tried to cover his tracks by giving a false name and age.

Detective Constable Alcock said: "Nwosu is a predator who preys on young girls in order to fulfil his own sexual gratification.

"He bought alcohol in order to ensure they were intoxicated - and in the hope they’d comply.

"He even tried to cover his tracks by providing a false name to both victims and one of the victim’s mum.

"Despite evidence showing Nwosu had engaged in sexual activity he only recently pleaded guilty to this crime which has meant both young victims had to wait to the last moment not knowing if they would have to relive the horrific ordeal in front of a jury.

"Nwosu is a dangerous individual and I am pleased he is now set to serve a significant time in prison.

"Both young victims and their families have shown incredible bravery in giving an account to police and I hope they can move on with their lives."

A spokesperson for Snapchat has told ITV News Central: "Our thoughts are with the victims of these terrible crimes.

"Any abuse of minors is abhorrent and has no place on Snapchat. We prioritise reports of this behaviour made either via in-app reporting or by the police. If content is reported, it can be preserved by our teams to investigate. 

"Snapchat has been built to be private and safe - for younger users, they need to accept a friend request before they can exchange messages - this prevents strangers from identifying and contacting them."

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