Care home in Leicester sets up its own training academy to try to solve recruit crisis

Phil Brewster speaks to staff at a care home in Leicester

Recently ITV News highlighted the growing problem of a shortage of workers in the care industry.

High staff turnover, Covid, Brexit and low pay have all led to an exodus of employees.

Now one care provider has set up an in-house academy to establish a career path for staff.

Sarah Clark joined Bradey Hall Care Home in Leicester as a Care Assistant in 2018.

Four years on, she is now a Care Manager and is adamant the role of a carer is hugely underrated.

Sarah said: "We don't just serve tea and coffee. We are looking after somebody's health and wellbeing in every holistic aspect, from health, emotional and mental - every aspect of that."

Credit: ITV News

Her career progression has been helped by her employers.

She recenly graduated as a Care Manager through the company's in-house academy scheme.

The aim is to show people what a career in caring entails, and what opportunities it offers.

Sarah Colling, Head of Development and Engagement, Ideal Care homes said: "You can come to us with no experience, we will fully train you so we will provide you with everything you need to do your role.

"And then if you do want to progress in the future, so you want to be in management, senior level then we have development pathways to get you there."

Sarah Colling, Head of Development and Engagement Ideal Carehomes Credit: ITV News

Within the Ideal Care Homes group salaries start at £22,000.

That compares to just under £21,500 for a police officer, £18,500 for a nurse, £22,000 for a Delivery Driver, & just under £26,000 for a teacher.

In the last 6 months staff here have had 2 pay rises, totalling 9%.

Bosses here believe a decent starting salary and career progression helps with staff retention. Which in turn benefits the most important people - the residents.

Lee Daly, the manager at Bradley Care Home said he wants residents to feel comfortable and relaxed. Credit: ITV News Central

Lee Daly, the manager at Bradley Care Home said: "We want them to feel comfortable and relaxed and to feel like they know who's coming into their house each and every day.

"Who they have got relationships with, who works well. You can get it where people do find it difficult to settle and I think having the same people in and out of the home every single day, really helps them feel a bit more settled."