Comedian Joe Lycett investigated by police following complaint from offended audience member

Joe Lycett says the case has now been closed and the joke that caused the complaint will remain in the show. Credit: PA

Birmingham-based comedian Joe Lycett has revealed he was investigated by police after an audience member complained about an 'offensive' joke in one of his tour shows.

"Someone came to my tour a few weeks back and was offended by one of the jokes", explained Lycett on Twitter.

After the audience member called the police, officers felt it was their "duty to investigate" and the comedian had to write a statement explaining the content of the joke.

"You'll be please to know the joke - which I consider to be one of the best I've ever written - remains firmly and proudly in the show", added the star.

The 'More, More, More! How Do You Lycett? How Do You Lycett?' show has been running since March and so far has taken place in the comedian's hometown of Birmingham as well as Bournemouth, Plymouth, Edinburgh, York, Hull, Ipswich, Glasgow, Sheffield, Stockton, Newcastle, Cambridge, Stockport, Northampton, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Lycett didn't state which show the complaint arose from but says the case has now been closed.

"The tour continues until September, unless I am jailed", he joked.

Earlier this year Lycett hit the headlines when he tweeted a mock leak of the long-awaited Sue Gray report into alleged Downing Street parties.

He also caused a stir last year when he announced he was changing his name to Hugo Boss.