New Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games plaque criticised by locals for string of spelling errors

Locals have been quick to spot the mistakes which they say will only perpetrate negative stereotypes of the city. Credit: BPM Media

A new plaque in Birmingham has been ridiculed for containing a string of spelling mistakes.

The plaque was commissioned by Commonwealth Walkway as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Located in Victoria Square, it overlooks Birmingham Town Hall and offers information on the city's landmarks in time for the thousands of visitors during the Commonwealth Games.

Locals have been quick to spot the mistakes which they say will only perpetuate negative stereotypes of the city.

A total of eight spelling mistakes have been spotted on the newly created Birmingham plaque.

In total, eight spelling blunders have been spotted so far:

  • Colmore Row is misspelled as 'Colomore'

  • Sovereignty is written as 'sovereignity'

  • Ruling has become 'rulling'

  • West Midlands has become the 'West Midland'

  • A Sculptor named William Bloye who recast the Queen Victoria statue in bronze in 1951, has seen his last name changed to 'Boyle'

  • Initiative is misspelled as 'initative'

  • Platinum Jubilee is written as 'Planinum Jubilee'

  • As well as the unusual phrasing of 'the Birmingham's Symphony Orchestra'

Debbie Jones said: "Making Birmingham look ridiculous, once again! As if Brummies weren’t ridiculed enough!"Agreeing, Keira Harris added: "Really? How and why was this allowed to be put up? Makes us Brummies look dumb."Paul Assinder said the plaque is "unacceptable", and called for it to be revised before the start of the 2022 Games.

While Phillip Davies added: "Remove it, correct it and then put it back in position. Quite appalling really."

The Commonwealth Walkway CEO, Jim Walker, took full responsibility for the mistakes.

"I appreciate this and we will be sorting it out in the next couple of weeks", he said. "It's my fault. Trying to do too much, too fast."