Robert Jenrick 'hopeful' Nottinghamshire's Aiden Aslin can be exchanged as execution threat looms

ITV News Central's Political Correspondent Alison Mackenzie spoke to Robert Jenrick about the Aiden's case.

The MP for Aiden Aslin, a man from Newark in Nottinghamshire who is in prison in Eastern Ukraine, has said he is hopeful he will be released.

Mr Jenrick told ITV News Central's political correspondent, Alison Mackenzie, that "What's going on behind the scenes is a negotiation between the Ukrainian government, because Aiden is a member of the Ukrainian armed forces, and their contacts in Russia.

"We're hopeful that Aiden can be exchanged for Russian prisoners of war being held by the Ukrainians."

"But, this is a complicated negotiation because Russia seems to want to extract the highest price for Aiden and Sean Pinner, the two British nationals. And I think it's going to take some time to be able to reach a resolution."

Responding, our Correspondent said that Mr Jenrick wants to imply to Aslin's family that he is "very much on the case."

"He's liaising with the Foreign Secretary, the Home Secretary, the Defence Secretary and and they're in touch with their counterparts in Ukraine. He hopes that he's front of the queue for any prisoner exchange that can be secured

"But of course, President Putin perhaps relishing at the moment the propaganda value affect of keeping them under threat."

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