Resident 'thought it was an earthquake' after explosion devastates home in Kingstanding

David Miles said he'd 'never heard anything so loud' as the explosion

Residents have reacted to the explosion in Birmingham last night, with David Miles, who lives nearby, saying he'd "never heard anything so loud."

He'd been walking his dog, and on hearing the explosion, said he "thought that's not a firework or a car explosion, that's something quite horrific."

"I just saw this scene of absolute carnage," he said.

"There were hundreds of people here and people were screaming...all I could see was a house and just flames, and debris everywhere."

Another local said he thought a large blast at the house in Kingstanding was 'an earthquake' when he heard it. Emergency crews were called to the affected house on Dulwich Road at around 8:30pm on Sunday. West Midlands Fire Service later said the incident was believed to be a gas explosion.

"The explosion happened as I shut the door," said the neighbour, who did not give his name. "Living rooms windows have shattered. There was glass everywhere."The house shook and I fell on the floor, I thought it was an earthquake. I heard a man shout help."

Police and ambulance crews were in Kingstanding last night Credit: BPM

Another Dulwich Road resident, who lives five doors away, added "We heard a massive bang the fridge door flew open and pictures fell off the wall. 

"The door frame was cracked. First of all we thought it was a car accident. All debris in the road. A car was damaged. We saw part of the house literally missing."We thought a bomb had gone off. There were flames."

In a statement the fire service said that they believed the incident was a gas explosion, adding that it had "completely destroyed one property and significantly damaged 3 adjoining properties."

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