Who is Sajid Javid? A favourite to replace Boris Johnson for Prime Minister

Sajid Javid in London
Sajid Javid in the House of Commons Credit: PA

Sajid Javid is likely to be in the race to replace Boris Johnson as Conservative party leader.

On Tuesday evening, Mr Javid resigned from his role as Health Secretary after losing confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Bromsgrove MP led a wave of more than 50 MPs resigning from Government positions and withdrawing support from Mr Johnson.

A new Tory leader is expected to be appointed by the party conference in October with leadership elections taking place in a number of weeks.

Sajid Javid delivers a personal statement to the House of Commons Credit: House of Commons/PA

Who is Sajid Javid?

Mr Javid resigned from his position as Secretary of State for Health & Social Care on Tuesday (July 5th) after being appointed in June 2021.

He was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 2010 and has held several government positions since.

Mr Javid has held ministerial roles in housing, business and culture before becoming Home Secretary from 2018 until 2019 and Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2019 to 2020.

In 2019, he made it to the final four in the contest to replace Theresa May as the Conservative Party leader - but dropped out and subsequently endorsed Mr Johnson.

Constituents in Bromsgrove tell ITV News Central they would back him to be the next party leader

Who is Sajid Javid and what is his background?

Mr Javid grew up on Stapleton Road in Bristol, which has been renowned as a deprived part of the city.

He attended a local state school Downend School and then Filton College in Bristol and later went on to study Economics and Politics at Exeter University.

After graduating from Exeter University he began a career in business and finance.

At 25-years-old, he became Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank and later moved to Deutsche Bank in London to help build its business in emerging market countries.

Mr Javid left Deutsche Bank as a Senior Managing Director in 2009 to take up a career in politics.

What has Sajid Javid achieved?

Mr Javid was appointed Health Secretary in June 2021, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He led one of the world's fastest Covid-19 vaccine rollouts alongside the booster programme and invested in post-covid treatments.

Mr Javid had developed new approaches to dementia, cancer, and mental health, and was in the process of modernising the NHS.

Sajid Javid as Health Secretary Credit: PA

Personal Life

Sajid Javid was born in Rochdale, Lancashire to a British-Pakistani family. He was raised in Bristol where he developed an interest in politics and finance.

He married his childhood sweetheart Laura in 1997 and lives with Laura and their four children.

Mr Javid is an active local campaigner and has campaigned for fairer school funding, upgrading the train station, improving road and transport services, better local NHS services for residents and creating more growth and opportunities in Bromsgrove.

Mr Javid is yet to announce if he will put himself forward to be the next Conservative party leader.